Spring Activities for Kids

The snow may still be flying across the country but, spring has officially arrived according to the calendar. It’s time to start the transition from snow boots and mittens for outdoor play to tennis shoes and shorts. You may still be buried in snow but here are some simple activities to prepare for with the little ones once it starts melting off.

Take a Hike

This can be a very general term. A hike doesn’t have to be an involved trek up a mountain. You can stroll down a path in your city or hit up the local gardens and discover all the new, spring life. Pack a picnic lunch and head off for adventure!

Plant a Garden

Whether it just be one seed in a pot or a whole garden, it can provide long-term fun. Let them get their hands dirty and teach them the importance of caring for their plant and the patience and support required to watch it grow.

Play in the Mud

Spring-aka Mud Season. Might as well embrace it! Throw on some clothes you don’t care about and have some fun. Mud stew, mud pie, mud castles oh my!

Pick Flowers

Adventures can be found even in the front yard. Have some dandelions that are bothering you? Let the kids take care of them. They can create jewelry, bouquets or even collect them to press and dry in books for further craft projects.

Have a Scavenger Hunt

With the snow unveiling long lost artifacts, create a fun scavenger hunt for the family! Things to find could be a heart shaped rock, 5 green leaves and someone riding a bike.

If you’re starting to feel a little cabin fever, you’re almost through winter! Just look forward to these fun activities with your kids and you’ll be there in no time! What are some favorite spring endeavors you and your family partake in? Let us know in the comments below!


Bailey was born and raised in a small Colorado mountain town called Crested Butte. This is where her love for the outdoors started. She has now found herself in Denver, CO where the mountains aren't too far away. When she's not hiking, camping or skiing in the mountains she enjoys volunteering, going to sporting events (Go Broncos and Avs!) and making friends with any animal she comes across.

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