Never Stop Exploring

The North Face operates on the philosophy that we should “Never Stop Exploring.” We could not agree more!  With the summer season coming to a close, we are all looking forward to our exciting fall and winter adventures.  We love all of our brands because they don’t just say these things, they make incredible gear that makes exploration, of all types of terrain, possible.  They send us on journeys from the exploration of a new classroom on the first day of school, to climbing 1300-ft walls in Devil’s Bay Newfoundland.

Let us help you brave all of your educational excursions in style, with our favorite, must have items, for this coming Fall season.


1. Explore the playground.  One of the best things about school is recess and the amenities on your playground.  The slide, the swings, the sandbox, are all waiting for you to come play in the fall.  With chilly fall temperatures, you want to make sure that you have a warm fleece or hoodie to keep in your locker for those days.  Our favorites for playground excursions:

The North Face Girls Oso Hoodie

Be pretty in pink and dazzle the playground with The North Face Girl’s Oso Hoodie in Silver & Razzle Pink.  This hoodie is incredibly soft, comfortable, and durable.  Play all day, stash it away, use again when the clouds cover the rays.

Volcom Boys Bulldog Block Hooded Full in Arctic Blue

Be the Top Dog on the playground with this amazingly colorful Bulldog Block Hoodie from Volcom.  Even better is that this cool number is made of hydrophobic fleece so it is warm, soft, and water repellant.  You’ll be able to play rain or shine.

Spyder Boys Reversible Bug Hat in Classic Green/Black

And, as we all know, our weather is quite buggy and unpredictable. Might as well ad one of the new Spyder Reversible Bug Hats to you locker for those extra crisp days.  You’ll look doubly cool on the playground in this colorful reversible hat.

Spyder Boys Linear Dry Web T-Neck


2. Explore the outdoor activities for your school.  In the Fall, there is buzzing excitement all around the halls because everyone is back for the year!  There are always really fun excursions planned to get everyone out, enjoying the rest of the nice weather, and the company of new friends.  Sporting events, field trips, zoos, apple picking, fairs, the list could go on forever.  Our favorites for all of your outdoor adventures:

No matter what the activity is the Girl’s Columbia Lush Plush Hoodie & the Boy’s Columbia Thermorator Hoodie will keep you comfortable, warm, and dry.  These hoodies have amazing features including fabrications that allow for the retention of 20% more body heat, a soft hood, and zip-closed pockets so the kids can’t lose their fun funds at the game!

The Spyder Boys Linear Web Dry T-Neck is a must have for the fall and winter.  Layering pieces, especially when they look this cool, are great additions to your fall wardrobe collection.  They can stand alone in the fall, and hide away the warmth when the winter moves in.


3. Explore your school clubs and teams.  If we had to choose just one, we would obviously love for you to explore the Ski & Snowboard Club.  Before you know it, winter winds will blow and we will make sure the kids are all ready to go.  Be sure to check out some of our old favorites and our incredible new products for the upcoming season, including warm kids North Face Jacket.


What is your favorite way to explore in the fall? Are you hoping for snow storms, and dreaming of adventures?

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