Make Your Own Valentine’s Day Cards

Are you spending Valentine’s Day evening with your kids? If so, we suggest helping children make their own Valentine’s Day cards! Making your own cards is a heartfelt and creative way to show you care. This fun project is easy to do with kids, and the end results can be handed out to mom, dad, brother, sister, and even the family pet on Valentine’s Day.

You will need:

  • A plastic table cloth to protect your table
  • Smocks, aprons or old t-shirts to protect your clothes
  • A sharp pair of scissors
  • Old sponges (six is ideal, but you can do with as few as three)
  • Tempera and/or acrylic paints in pink, red and white
  • Construction paper and/or card stock in pink, white and/or red
  • Markers, Sharpies, Glitter Pens, Gel Pens, other fun writing utensils
  • Loose glitter (optional)


1)     Cover your table with the tablecloth and cover yourself and the kids with smocks

2)    Use a sharpie to draw hearts of varying sizes on the sponges.  It’s best for an adult to do this part.

3)    Use the scissors to cut the sponges into the heart shapes CAUTION: This should only be done by an adult.

4)    Cut the paper into strips, squares, or any shape you want.  If you’re making Valentines for a  whole school class, smaller strips are better!

5)    Put the each paint color on a separate small paper plate (or a palette if you have one)

6)    Lightly dip a sponge into a color and stamp onto the paper for a cool effect

7)    Try using the same sponge to stamp out multiple hearts in a row for a fading effect

8)    Use different size hearts and have fun with colors

9)    Try sprinkling some loose glitter on the wet paint if you’d like

10) Wait about a half hour for the paint to dry a bit

11) Write Valentine’s messages on the cards using the Sharpies or glitter pens

12) Allow to dry

13) Hand out and spread the love!

I did this craft with the kids I babysit (ages 4, 7 and 10) and we all had a blast!  It’s a great alternative to store bought Valentines and a great indoor activity when the temperatures dip below freezing!


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