Fun Things to Do on a Snow Day

Much of the country has seen record snowfall so far this season. Major storms have contributed to some high snow totals. Many cities experience snow days on occasion. With a number of people and the vast map of roads needing snow removal attention, it can be easier, and safer, for everyone when schools are canceled. Towns in the mountains, however, often don’t see snow days. Their lifestyles are based on extreme weather. With the recent storms ripping across the country, even these towns had to initiate snow day closures. Crested Butte Community School in Colorado had their first snow day in what long-time residents and teachers thought to be only the second time in 30 years. In ski towns, that normally means everyone goes skiing but even Crested Butte Resort had to close down due to the tremendous amount of snow and avalanche danger. So, what do you do if you can’t ski? Here are some of our suggestions for fun things to do on a snow day.

Play Outside

Perhaps one of the more obvious choices, if it’s not too cold, take advantage of the joy snow activities can bring. There are the classics such as heading to the nearest sled hill and building a snow fort or snowman –insider tip, have them use the snow from the driveway to help ease the shoveling process. Then, there are the less traditional options like making snow art. Fill spray bottles or empty dish soap bottles with water and food coloring. Everyone can make their own masterpiece or even add some special touches to their snowman. Another fun idea is to build other shapes out of the snow like a car or an octopus. Use the colored water to help bring them to life.


Playing outside can work up an appetite. Have the kids help you bake some tasty treats to warm back up. Traditional sugar cookies followed by decorating is always a favorite. Or, maybe personalized pizzas where each kid can choose their own toppings. Another scrumptious treat, albeit colder, is homemade snow ice cream.

Snow Ice Cream Recipe


Build a Fort

Too cold to build a snow fort? Build a fort inside! Gather all the blankets, chairs and rubber bands you can muster and let them build a palace of their own. A fort is perfect for the imagination to run wild whether it turn into the evil witches castle or the quaint refuge for travelers. Stock it with flashlights, snacks, and books and they’ll be busy for hours.

Play Games

Pull out the board games and have some friendly competition. Or, get creative and create a new game. For example, each child can design and make their own paper airplane then test them out on a handmade target.

Paper Airplane Game

There’s no reason to be bummed on a snow day. Whether you’re hitting the powder or stuck at home, have some fun with it! What other activities do you and your kids enjoy on snow days? Let us know in the comments below!


Bailey was born and raised in a small Colorado mountain town called Crested Butte. This is where her love for the outdoors started. She has now found herself in Denver, CO where the mountains aren't too far away. When she's not hiking, camping or skiing in the mountains she enjoys volunteering, going to sporting events (Go Broncos and Avs!) and making friends with any animal she comes across.

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