Fun-Filled Fall Activities

We can’t believe that fall has arrived once again! We hope you were able to get in all your fun summer activities while you still had the chance. Fall is a very exciting time, as lots of amazing changes start to take place. The leaves on the trees begin to turn colors and fall to the ground; the sun goes down sooner allowing it to get darker earlier on in the day; and the air gets much, much cooler! For us, we are huge fans of fall because that means one thing: winter is a’ coming soon!


Kids will love watching the birds feast off their homemade pine cone bird feeder.

Even though fall marks the transition from warm to cold weather, this doesn’t mean you can’t still get outside and have fun with the family. There are still plenty of delightful activities you and your children can enjoy together. You can always go for a hike or adventure walk and gather pine cones and colorful leaves off the ground. When it starts getting too windy and chilly outside, you can bring the fun inside and create arts and crafts projects with your colorful collection. Try making a pine cone bird feeder that you can put outside and then bird watch as our fine-feathered friends enjoy a nice homemade tasty treat.


Red, orange, and yellow leaves are a true indicator fall has arrived!

There are also plenty of fall activities offered within local communities that you can seek out as well. We suggest finding a local corn maze- they’re fun, exciting, and challenging! Usually very low-priced, this can be a fun activity for the whole family. Watch with delight as the kids enjoy getting lost and chasing one another through a labyrinth of corn stocks. Usually in conjunction with corn mazes are hayrides. Hayrides allow you to enjoy the amazing fall scenery while the little ones stay amused by getting lightly tossed around by the bumpiness of the wagon. We suggest doing some research to find the best local pumpkin patches. After you and the kids pick out your favorite pumpkins, make sure to buy a carving kit so you can make jack’o’laterns together at a later date. Don’t forget to roast the pumpkin seeds, which make a healthy tasty treat for the whole family!

With all the fun activities you and your kids will be enjoying this fall, don’t forget to dress accordingly! Fleece jackets and hoodies are the ultimate item to have in your closet this fall. As well as being lightweight and durable, they are also insulated and very comfortable. You can pick out a nice cozy new fleece for you and your young ones at

What is a favorite fall activity for your family? Let us know in the comments below!

Originally from Massachusetts, Lora came out to coLORAdo for college and decided she had found her permanent home (who can blame her since her name is in the state name)! She loves the outdoors and exploring all it has to offer by way of her favorite activities which include snowboarding, ATVing, hiking, and camping. Recently married, Lora lives with her husband and 2 dogs and hopes to expand her happy little family in the near future.

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