Fun Fall Activities for the Entire Family

Fall is a special time of the year. Fall is full of hope – marking new beginnings, and a chance to hit the “reset” button on life for the past year. Whether it’s the smell of crisp, clear air, or the changing colors of the leaves, fall brings something new and cleansing to our surroundings.

As an adult, the beginning of fall marks a fresh start for me – just like when I was as a kid in school, with new school clothes, new school supplies, and a chance to become a “new and improved” person that school year – I still get excited like I did when I was a child, and view the new season with anticipation, hope, and excitement.

Most importantly, fall is the time to bring us closer to our loved ones, with many opportunities to grow closer as a family. The holiday season has yet to arrive, which means the stresses of that season’s gifting, traveling, and the overall pressure of the season have yet to arrive. Moms and dads aren’t worried about finding that perfect gift – yet – and can spend their weekends reconnecting with their kids, and each other.

This fall, create some awesome new memories with your kids with these fun recommendations for autumn weekend activities:

Have Fun with Fallen Leaves at Home

kids-jumping-in-leaves-2Can’t escape the inevitable mounds of fallen leaves in your yard? Make a family day out of it, and turn chores into fun! Have the kids help rake (as much as they can) – and before putting the leaves in garbage bags, make sure you have some fun jumping IN some piles (Hey – it only happens once a year!).

Make sure to put a few leaves aside and create some of these cool fall crafts for kids to help relax together as a family after a long day’s work.

Go Apple Picking

920x920One of my favorite fall memories as a kid was going apple picking (in New England, where I spent some of my time as a child, apple orchards are abundant!). Nothing is better than a beautiful day outdoors with the kids – especially at an apple orchard, where the kids can pick their own apples to eat, or bake with, later. See if any of these 20 best places to go apple picking across the country are near you and your family.

Visit A Pumpkin Patch

pumpkin-patch-desktop-wallpaper-5653-5939-hd-wallpapersCan’t find an apple orchard near you? Don’t fret – there is sure to be a pumpkin patch nearby! Visiting a pumpkin patch with the kids sure beats picking out a pumpkin or two at the local supermarket. Pumpkin patches offer pumpkins of all shapes and sizes, so the kids can have fun exploring and picking out their favorite pumpkin of choice.

After finding the perfect pumpkins, make sure to get some hot chocolate and jump on board the farm’s hayride, if offered. The best part about a pumpkin patch is saved for home: carving pumpkins!

Take a Fall Drive

fall-roadSometimes, the weekend comes around and the air is a bit too chilly, or the crowds too packed at the pumpkin patch, and mom and dad want some quiet time away from it all. What better way to get “away” with the kids than to explore the fall colors and go for a fall foliage drive? If weather allows you to get outside with your family, a great way to break up a leaf-peeping drive is to go for a fall hike. Pack a picnic, and enjoy lunch at the top together as a family – and maybe picking up some extra cool leaves to take home for crafts on the way down.

What’s your family’s favorite way to spend time together during fall? Let us know in the comments below!







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