Fall is Here!

This coming weekend brings with it the official start of fall for 2012, and hopefully, some cooler temperatures across the United States. After living in an oven all summer, all of us here at WinterKids.com in Colorado are extremely excited to see a leaf or two change and feel the cold air coming down from the mountains at night. Fall (by far) is my favorite time of year (although I may be a bit biased, as my birthday falls in October). It’s more than just that though. The colors, the change in the weather, and the beginning of the holiday season all add to the magic that is autumn.

I think it’s the buildup and the anticipation that comes with this time of year that makes it so great. Fall is a transitioning period into so many things, including our favorite time of year here – winter! While I could talk all day about all of the things I love about this season, we’d much rather know what everyone out there is looking forward to.

Whether your little ones are already picking out their Halloween costumes and letting you know what candy to buy, or you’re hiding the pumpkin carving kit from reaching hands, we want to know. Tell us what gets you excited during this time of year.

While you’re here telling us about your fall delights, don’t forget to head over to WinterKids.com to stock up on any cold-weather gear you might need for the coming cold. A new kids fleece jacket makes a great companion for a bundled up football game when the mercury dips.

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