Cool Parent-Kid Activities You Can’t Miss

In both New England and Colorado, the next week and a half will be bustling with all kinds of snow sports activities!

Killington, Vermont will be hosting the three-day Dew Tour this weekend, starting today (January 20-23). Both the ski and snowboard competitions will feature top athletes like Simon Dumont, Bobby Brown, and Gretchen Bleiler. This is definitely something to take the kids to…who wouldn’t love watching somebody do crazy tricks off a 22-foot superpipe? Check out MORE info on the Dew Tour in Killington by clicking here!

If you’re in Denver, Colorado, and don’t have the chance to take the family up to the mountains very often–we highly recommend purchasing tickets to go the Denver Big Air, which runs two days and starts on Tuesday, January 25! A 101-foot tall ramp, built to be 300-feet in length, has been constructed right in front of the State Capitol Building in downtown Denver. What a perfect opportunity to mix history AND culture together. Kids (and parents) will surely love being right in the middle of an urban setting while watching some of the world’s most talented winter athletes show off some crazy tricks in competition. Click here for more info and tickets!

Lastly, next weekend is the Winter X-Games in Aspen. Kids will LOVE the variety of competition–ranging from superpipe to freestyle snowmobile (definitely the coolest, and scariest, to watch). Admission is free, and competitions take place all day (However–we do recommend taking the kids during the day!). For more info on Winter X-Games, visit here.

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