What Makes Your Thanksgiving Special?

Nothing says Thanksgiving quite like getting the family together over a meal. Cooking meals as a family is valued in many cultures around the world as a way to strengthen family ties and come together. This particular holiday is no exception, with its origins firmly rooted in the coming together of two cultures over a home-cooked meal.

Aside from simply getting people together, cooking during the holidays can be a great time to get kids involved, and maybe even teach them a life skill or two. If you have a history of good recipes in your family, it’s also great to pass some of those traditions down to your children. Even if you don’t necessarily have your own book of recipes to pull from, there are tons of websites out there devoted to family friendly holiday meals that will let you start your own traditions.

Food.com is a great resource for recipes of all kinds, for every season, but their thanksgiving section for kids looks particularly delicious. They have everything from carrot cake and pumpkin bread to cranberry sauce and of course, the mother of all Thanksgiving dishes – turkey. Baked, roasted, and of course deep-fried, it doesn’t matter how it’s done, we love it. Check out thanksgiving.food.com for a great list of dishes the whole family can help with.

Although turkey, gravy, and pumpkin bread may be the standard fair during this time of year, it’s always fun and interesting to hear about all the unique recipes that people have incorporated into their holidays.

We’d love to hear from all of you about your favorite turkey day recipes, maybe that one special dish that sets your family’s meal apart from the rest. Of course, we would never ask anyone who’s unwilling to divulge any secret recipes. Let us know what makes your Thanksgiving special!


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