Winter Sports Dictionary for Dummies

We have all heard a conversation between more advanced riders and thought what are they saying? Well here are some new words for your ski/snowboard vocabulary. Learn them, ride them, and love them!

Moguls: Bumps set out on slopes for more advanced runners!

Traverse: Skiing across a slope in a zigzag pattern.

White Out: When there is almost no visibility due to heavy snowfall or fog.

Snow Park: An area filled with rails, jumps, and boxes for freestyle riders

Grab: When a rider grabs a hold of their skis or board while attempting tricks and jumps.

Fakie: Skiing/Snowboarding backward.

Carving: Turns where the edges of the skis/snowboards are used.

Aerials: Freestyle ski jumping where a rider flips in the air.


Riders, what words/phrases could you share with beginners? Comment below.






MacKenzie just recently moved from Tennessee to the beautiful Colorado region to explore more of the outdoors. Her love for adventure and nature are huge passions behind her lifestyle. She's excited to be so close to the mountains so she can hike, bike, and snowboard!

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