To Ski School or Not to Ski School?

Without a doubt, the ski and ride schools offered by most resorts can be seriously helpful tools in the process of teaching your young ones how to ski or snowboard. Instructors are highly trained, patient, and typically extremely kid friendly people whose only goal is to see your child succeed and have fun. But who’s to say you can’t teach your kids on your own? Make a family bonding experience out of it and learn something together.

This debate has raged on within the skiing community for ages, and will presumably continue to do so for some time. As it is a new year and many of us have made promises to try harder at certain things, learn a new skill, or overcome a certain obstacle, we thought it would be a good time to ask you, the reader, how you felt about this topic. Is it possible for a parent, emotionally tied to the student, to also fill the role of instructor? Let’s take a look at a few of the pro’s and cons from each side.

Ski School


  • Trained pro’s
  • Alone time to ride with yourself or significant other
  • Scheduled start and stop time (structure is always nice)
  • Kids get to socialize with others their age


  • Shortens the amount of family time on what is probably a family-oriented trip
  • Parents of kids with additional needs, (allergies, injuries, etc.), may feel uncomfortable leaving their child with someone who may not be familiar with them

No Ski School


  • Extra time with the family
  • Chances to bond and learn more about each other
  • Being able to see that spark in your child’s eye when they finally get it
  • Parents are on hand if any special care is needed


  • It’s family, which means feelings can run high and tempers may flair
  • You as the parent(s), may not be the most skilled in the art of ski instructing
  • Time frame: could take two hours, could take two days

Ultimately, the decision rests with you, the parent. Some people are naturally good at giving instructions, others at receiving it. There are lots of ski training aids on the market that can always help you bridge the gap as well.When making this decision, it is always a good idea to scope out the ski school and resort you are considering. Also take into account your child’s personality, disposition towards instruction, or any past results from similar situations.

Let us know what you think; resort ski school or family ski school?




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  1. station ski May 25, 2012 at 7:26 am #

    Je suis d’accord avec vous, mais je pense que le ski est avant tout une passion. Qu’en pensez vous ?

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