Take a Piece of Lake Tahoe Home for the Holidays

For some of us, the artificial trees with pre-hung lights we pull out of the box every December work just fine. As we know, a full-grown spruce just won’t fit in an apartment, and anyone with cats knows how fun it is cleaning up pine needles and broken bulbs all season. There are those of us, however, who like to take it a step further. What better way to get in holiday spirit than picking out your own Holiday tree? We don’t mean heading up the street to the tree farm and trying to pick one out of dozens of identical trees. We’re talking layers of warm winter clothing, a saw, and a good pair of gloves lumberjack style tree picking.

This year, the Lake Tahoe National Forest Service is allowing families to come into designated areas of the park to cut down their own tree. The only cost to you is the $10 park permit. These permits can be purchased at select Forest Service offices around Lake Tahoe. Upon purchasing a permit, the folks there will assist you in finding a good area to look for a tree, as well as help you determine what kind of tree best fits you. Don’t want a prickly green carpet to clean up this year? Douglas Firs hold their needles better than most. Maybe you like the look of the tree, just not the intense pine smell. If so, then a White Spruce might be your tree of choice.

Permits are on sale now through December 16th, but can be used up until the 24th of December. For more information, check out www.tahoekidsguide.com or contact one of the local Forest Service offices. Be sure to inquire about the snow conditions for the area you’ll be going to, as you and the family may be wearing some warm winter boots!

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