Snowy School Break Ideas for Kids

Snowy School Break Ideas for Kids

Whether your kid gets a winter break, spring break or both (lucky them!), these next couple months are the perfect time to plan a snowy adventure for you and your family.

With only a few months left of cold and snowy weather (and our favorite: an unpredictable and massive spring snowstorm!), February, March, and even April are ideal months for getting outside in the snow and taking full advantage of what Mother Nature has to offer in the mountains. Warmer days, snowier storms and stress-free days for mom and dad (no holiday stress makes these months much easier for planning and travel) can mean only one thing: now is the time to plan a snowy school break!

Here are our ideas for the best snow-filled adventures for families to enjoy during a school break:

Spring Skiing

Springtime brings out the best skiing conditions, with longer, warmer days and a reliable and hefty base of snow on the slopes. Our recommendation of the best place to go skiing with kids? Keystone Resort in Colorado! This family-friendly mountain is set up to please kids and adults, with kids skiing free with any two or more night stay, as well as the Kidtopia Experience March 5th-11th.

The best part about spring skiing at Keystone? Due to record-breaking snowfall this winter, Keystone’s extended their season until April 16th!

dog sleddingDog Sledding

Want to win the coolest parent of the year award? If your kids love dogs and love sledding, why not take the kids dog sledding!? Safe, unique, and fun for everyone in the family, dog sledding in the backcountry is exactly what kids need to spark up their school break.

To learn more about dog sledding and find the best places to do it in the lower 48 states, click here.

Snow Tubing

When you can’t ride roller coasters in the winter or spring, what replaces the thrill and exhilaration of speeding downhill at a fast rate of speed? Snow tubing!

Snow tubing with kids is guaranteed to bring excitement and joy, without the added cost of rentals and lessons that come with other winter activities like skiing or snowboarding. Our recommendation for the kids that crave speed? Share a tube with dad – your tube will go much faster!

kids-ice-skatingIce Skating

We love ice skating because of so many reasons, but most importantly: it can be done anywhere, indoor or outdoor, and it is an “easy” day activity to plan – with usually no travel required!

Make a day out of visiting an indoor or outdoor skating rink near you by going out to lunch or an early dinner after skating. And if you don’t own skates, don’t worry about renting: most rinks offer very affordable skate rentals for the entire family!

With any snow-filled adventure, it is crucial that you and your family are dressed properly to stay as warm and dry as possible. Shop all kids winter clothes at, and find everything needed to keep mom warm too at

What snow-filled adventures does your family have planned for winter or spring break? Let us know in the comments below!


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