Recommendations for First Time Skiers and Snowboarders

Which winter sport is for you? We have all heard the pros and cons of each of these wonderful sports. “Skiing is easier”, “There’s less equipment in snowboarding”, “It’s easier to use lifts for skiing”, and “You can actually walk in snowboarding boots.” There has always been a constant battle between these two beloved winter sports, it’s important to remember whichever you decide to learn it can come with injury risk if not learned properly.

The key is confidence and training. So here are my recommendations for all my first time skiers/snowboarders!

1) Take a lesson!

Whenever you start out learning a new sport it’s important to take the time to learn the proper sports lingo and skills to become successful. We all have those generous friends who are willing to “teach” us. However, the knowledge and safety offered by a proper instructor will save you many bruises, falls, and injuries for your new hobby.

2) The less crowded, the better.

There is nothing harder than trying to learn how to balance, “pizza”, and link turns with obstacles in your way, aka PEOPLE!  Try to avoid weekends and holidays at first and arrive early!

3) Use decent equipment and apparel.

It’s important to stay warm and dry. Check out some of our awesome quality brands that are waterproof and have great insulation. This gives you the ability to stay longer on the slope, which means more time to learn and practice. In addition, knowing you are using proper equipment will give you the confidence and additional performance needed to take on this exciting new journey. Make sure your bindings are adjusted accordingly to you, and always wear safety equipment like helmets, wrist guards, and goggles.


Get pumped all my new skiing/snowboarding friends! You are about to invest in a hobby of a lifetime. Remember, knowledge and safety are key when starting on this awesome journey!




MacKenzie just recently moved from Tennessee to the beautiful Colorado region to explore more of the outdoors. Her love for adventure and nature are huge passions behind her lifestyle. She's excited to be so close to the mountains so she can hike, bike, and snowboard!

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