Old School Video of Alexis Roland- Still Better Than Ever!

Check out this video of then 9-year-old Alexis Roland. Actually, check out any video you can find of this 11 year old pro. Sponsored by the ripe age of 9, this Minnesota native absolutely kills any terrain that’s put in front of her. Alexis has appeared in several snowboarding films including Warren Miller’s “Dynasty,” as well as a full part in 2009’s “Knock on Wood.”

I used to be proud to throw down tricks Alexis does without blinking (Key phrase there is “used to”)…All the way up until I saw this girl ride. I feel bad for all the 20-year-olds who saw their dreams of contest glory dashed during Alexis’ rise to fame. Did I mention she’s sponsored by Burton? That’s not an accolade that’s handed out lightly! Learn more about this snowboard prodigy at AlexisRoland.com.

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