January, your time to learn.

backstrapJust in time for Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month, WinterKids.com has partnered with Kinderlift, and the National Ski Council Federation, to make an incredible contribution to the initiative to get more people learning on the slopes.  The Kinderlift vests, which help the ski/snowboard learning process for the little ones, are going to be branded with all three logos, and a portion of the sales will go back to supporting NSCF.  These vests provide additional safety for children between the ages of 3-7.   With the bright colors, children become easily detectable in a swarm of movement, and the back strap makes for easy assistance by adults and instructors.  Make sure to check out our colorful collection of the Kinderlift vests!  They are now used internationally, and instructors can assure you, the impact on the ease of instruction, and safety, has been incredible.  Make sure to check out our bright selection of colors!

All of the partners involved in Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month share the same passion: helping to spread the love of skiing/snowboarding, and educating on how to enjoy these sports safely.  If you visit the homepage for the initiative, you can search all happenings in your area by entering in your zip code.  Nationwide, there are offerings for lessons with instructors to start fresh for the first time, or brush up on your existing skills, and receive guidance on technique.

brands_header_TheNorthFaceNow is the time to get out and try, and also the time for you to exercise your creative abilities.  Warren Miller Entertainment is putting on the “Why I Love to Ski and Snowboard” video contest.  Through this contest, you can enter video footage showing your passion for skiing/snowboarding, that also encourages and motivates others to learn.  Check out the event details and amazing prizes that they are offering for finalists and selected winners.  You have until 2.15.2013 to submit you entries.  In partnership with The North Face, a contribution will be made on behalf of the winner to a non-profit dedicated to programs for all ages.  The North Face, as always, truly standing behind their mantra to “Never Stop Exploring.”

Understanding what this month is all about certainly makes us all want to get involved.  There is no better way to do that than participating in the “Bring a Friend Challenge” (although, we do not really think of this as a challenge).  You are encouraged to take a friend or family member, most likely a first-timer, and sign them up for a lesson with a professional.  There are also great prizes and incentives for participation in spreading the passion.  Check out the website for all of the details on how you can participate.  You will certainly find some members of the WinterKids.com team taking our family and friends to the Rocky Mountains.

Activity on the mountains is especially high right now due to all of the powder that has been falling throughout the country.  The excitement in the mountain towns, here in Colorado, is visible, audible, and wonderful.  Everyone has been enjoying the snowfall and conquering the season.

Ready, set, go, and show everyone why you are so passionate about skiing or snowboarding.  Support the initiative to spread the snow loving by going out yourself, taking people with you on your journey, making artwork to showcase your talents, and encouraging others to join in on something truly incredible.

You can probably remember the first time that you took to the slopes.  Even if you fell a number of times that day, you were probably telling yourself, each time you laid in the cold snow, “this is awesome, I am going to get better at this.” Remind the beginners of that.  Tell them there was a point when you were exactly like them, and then show them what you are capable of now.  Inspire them with your stories of perseverance, and plant the seed in them for want to not just take one lesson, but multiple lessons.  The little ones that are learning today, this month, this season, could be the future professionals, that further test the limits of possibility.  We would love for to share your memories of your starting days. Even more, we would love for you to help us share our mutual passion.  Tell us what it is that you love so much about the sport, and what keeps you motivated to hit the slopes season after season.

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