How to Know What Size Winter Apparel Will Actually Fit Your Kids

At WinterKids, we know the main priority for parents during the winter months is to keep your children warm, dry, and active. However, we also know the importance of getting a second season wear out of our winter apparel with growing children!

At, we have a descriptive kids size chart from each brand to make sure you are getting the best size for your kids winter wear. It’s important to remember you can’t just use the age feature when determining a size for your child! Take the child’s height and weight measurements in order to get the most appropriate size for the winter season.

“Slightly Too-Big”

WinterKids uses a “slightly too-big” method when factoring in apparel sizes in order to get at least two seasons wear out of your kids clothing. Slightly is the key word here. WinterKids Designer, Heather, states, “If the size is too big, then it doesn’t do what it is suppose to do. The function of the apparel is to keep your child warm and dry.” We suggest when using our method you add 2 inches to their height (making sure no shoes are on), 1.5 inches to their chest, and 2 inches to their waist when measuring and comparing. Check out Zemu, our friendly Yeti below, for measurement details and assistance.

Kids sizing Guide

“Grow Features”

Brands also realize the importance of budget friendly families and growing children when designing their products. Features such as Outgrown by Columbia, Room to Grow System by Burton, Grow- Tech by Volcom, I-Grow by Obermeyer, Small-To-Tall by Spyder and adjustable draw cord hems all help you achieve that next season wear. With this expandable option for both pant legs and jacket sleeves, you are able to add 1.5 inches to your children’s’ winter gear.

Obermeyer I-grow

With all this new knowledge, you should feel confident making the purchase for your child’s winter wear this season!


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