Children’s Hoodies and Fleece Jackets Make Layering a Snap in Fall Weather

It’s fall once more – that beautiful, unpredictable time of year with temps that often vary widely from morning to night. With changeable autumn weather, how do you make sure your kids are warm enough without insisting they wear lots of bulky clothes?

Layering is the perfect solution.

1.   Start with a base layer.

Long-sleeved moisture-wicking crew necks or zip t-necks, like kids Hot Chillys or Under Armour, are great base layers for fall outdoor activities, such as waiting for the bus or going to a soccer or football game. The material is breathable and comfortable right next to the skin.

 2.  Choose a second layer that doesn’t add too much bulk, such as a fleece layer or hoodie.

Children’s fleece layers and children’s hoodies are guaranteed to keep kids warm on chilly fall days.  Fleece layers are typically made of polyester fleece and are super cozy and comfy. Hoodies are usually made of a moisture-wicking fleece, which, like fleece layers, will also be very soft, cozy, and comfortable. They’re great on cool autumn days, especially if there’s a light breeze in the forecast.

 3.  Finish off with an outer layer designed to keep kids warm during crisp fall mornings and evenings.

Kids’ fleece jackets are the perfect weight for fall and make the best outer layer. They add warmth without adding bulk and protect against the wind. Also, you can use fleece jackets as a suitable mid-layer throughout the winter.

In addition, you can choose a sweater for the outer layer. Usually made of wool or blended material, sweaters are nice if the occasion is more formal. However, be careful when choosing wool because it can be scratchy and irritating if worn directly next to the skin. Soft lamb’s wool is a great choice if cost is not a concern.

Once layering is complete, your child will be ready for a full autumn day. And, when the thermometer rises in the afternoon or they get warm from running around, they’ll be able take off layers and get comfortable. Don’t forget to give them a backpack or tote bag for convenient storage of the layers they remove.

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