Celebrate Breckenridge’s 50th Anniversary All Season Long!

Breckenridge is celebrating its 50th birthday this season by giving back to the people who made it possible, the guests. This season and this season only, Breck will be offering epic 50% off deals on condos at The Village, prize giveaways, and a magical “50 Wishes campaign.” This anniversary season allows Breckenridge to acknowledge a few of the monumental accomplishments that great resort has had over the years.

Opened in Dec of 1961, Breckenridge has a long history of being a leader in ski resorts. Breck was the first resort in Colorado to become snowboard friendly nearly 30 years ago. High-five to all of us sideways folks! This resort has also made some serious leaps in chairlift technology. First high speed chairlift, highest high-speed lift, and the first and only double loading lift in the US just to name a few. Graduating from mere tens of thousands in their first few seasons to over 1.5 million this past year, Breckenridge really has solidified itself as a premiere ski and snowboard destination.

Let’s move on to the better things, like the deals and free product. Breckenridge is currently giving away one free gift a day to a lucky fan. All you have to do to be eligible is like their Facebook page. In addition, they’re also offering 50% off on village condos for those of you lucky enough to be staying for two nights or more. That deal also comes with 2 free drinks and an appetizer at the Park Avenue Pub, the perfect way to relax with the kids after a full day on the hill.

Breckenridge is also running the “50 Wishes campaign” this year. Guests this season can submit any wish they would like to see fulfilled at the resort. New terrain features, free food for a day….the possibilities are endless! It’s like a snow-covered Disneyland out there. All of the submissions will be compiled and 50 lucky winners will have their wishes granted throughout the season. I don’t know about you all, but I’m extremely interested to see how that pans out. Who knows, one day you might step of the lift and all you see is pink snow.

After record snowfall last year, and similar conditions being called for this season, it is certain that Breckenridge will be one hot spot this winter. Be sure to get your passes early, and don’t forget to stock up on some warm kids winter coats at Winterkids.com. For the low down on all of the deals and events taking place this season, check out Breckenridge.com.

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