7 Pocket-Sized Snacks for Family Ski Days

7 Pocket-Sized Snacks for Family Ski Days

There are a lot of moving parts when planning a family ski day. We’d all like to believe that it’s all going to run smoothly from the moment you get everyone awake, to the very last run. In a perfect world, no mittens would go missing despite taking inventory the very night before, and no one would lose their pass. But, in the real-world, a family ski day usually comes with at least a few hiccups. Don’t let a grumpy, hungry family be one of them. Here is a list of pocket-sized snacks anyone can carry. Carrying the right snacks will help cut down on time going to the warming house as well as money!

Justin’s Nut Butter Squeeze Packs

Justin's Nut Butter Squeeze PacksJustin’s Nut Butters Squeeze Packs are one of the best contributions to an active lifestyle. The product was created by an active Coloradoan who needed quality, quick energy. He started with jars of nut butter and thank goodness evolved to making the easy, pocket-sized squeeze packs. With 7 different nut flavors, this is a perfect addition for any family day activity.

Honey Stinger’s Energy Chews

Honey Stinger Energy ChewsAnother Colorado Proud product, the Energy Chews from Honey Stinger, are just the right size for a pocket. What’s great is that they don’t stick to your teeth so there’s no obnoxious tongue fishing or pulling your gloves off to scrape the chews off. These are delicious while providing a great source of fuel to curb the hunger.


Cheese is usually an addition to everyone’s favorite snack list and also a nice protein boost. Either cheese sticks or Mini Babybel Cheese Wheels are great to hand out to each member of the family. They can be a bit difficult to open with cold hands and make sure to grab the trash from your little one or it’ll likely end up balled in a stuck mess in the pocket. But, as far as easy, small ski day snacks, cheese is always a win.

Yogurt Covered Pretzels

yogurt covered pretzelsMany people often go to chocolate covered pretzels but you risk a melting mess there. A great alternative are yogurt covered pretzels. Still delicious, but healthier, and a smaller mess. Pack a small bag for each member of the family so they can snack as they please.

Granola Bars

kind barsAny granola bar should fit in one of the many pockets available in a winter jacket or pant. There are so many different varieties that it can be hard to choose the right one. Try to avoid ones with lots of sugar and it’s best to choose the soft ones so they stay intact with any potential falls. Kind bars offer some funky flavors if you have adventurous kids.

Trail Mix

A standard go-to item for any outdoor adventure. Packs light and allows lots of room for personalization to get just the right mix. Either create your own or grab a pre-made bag, but it’s usually a pretty safe choice for a family outing.

Fruit Leather

fruit leatherThis is a great option to bring fruit along for the day without packing anything bulky or smashable. Make sure not to get tricked by products such as fruit taffy or fruit rolls. These are very high in sugar and aren’t going to have the same nutrition values as true fruit leather. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can even make your own. It is a bit of a lengthy process but easier than you’d think!


And, as with any adventure, make sure everyone is staying well hydrated! This can help with fatigue and grumpiness (but maybe not with avoiding the long bathroom break process but hey, what can ya do?).

Now you’re ready to stock up on some handy snacks for the upcoming season. Family ski days should be fun and full bellies can never hurt that goal. And don’t worry about carrying all the snacks. We have plenty of ski pants with functional pockets so each member of the family can carry their own snacks for ski days!


Bailey was born and raised in a small Colorado mountain town called Crested Butte. This is where her love for the outdoors started. She has now found herself in Denver, CO where the mountains aren't too far away. When she's not hiking, camping or skiing in the mountains she enjoys volunteering, going to sporting events (Go Broncos and Avs!) and making friends with any animal she comes across.

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  1. Lorna Croswell February 21, 2017 at 12:54 pm #

    These are all perfect for little ski pockets and keeping the hungries away! Granola bars are our little gromette’s go to snack 🙂

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