10 Tips to Keep Your Kids Happy When Skiing

A family ski day, overall, can provide many great memories. Skiing with kids, however, can prove to be a bit trying. Here are some tips for a successful day skiing with kids.

1. Be Prepared

Have everyone help with an inventory check the night before. Make sure everyone’s gear is present and functional. This saves time when loading the car up the next morning. The less nagging your kids endure in the morning, the more excited they’ll be for the day-and the less you have to nag, the more excited you’ll be too!

2. Channel Your Inner Onion

LAYER, LAYER, LAYER. The right layering allows for shedding when necessary, like enjoying a hot cocoa break in the warming house. Bundle back up for the ride up the lift.

3. Keep the Dogs from Freezing

Make sure to invest in kids ski socks that are meant for skiing or snowboarding. Believe it or not, they do have superior technological advances than cotton socks that will really make a difference when the weather turns.

4. Keep Them Comfortable

If your kids are still adjusting to skiing or snowboarding, let them wear their regular shoes to the base area. Rent a locker to keep them in or throw them in a backpack. This will eliminate the time their feet are in the constricting boots and hopefully prolong the time they’re willing to shred.

5. No Hangry People Allowed

Avoid the meltdowns that can occur when kids get hungry. Not a fan of stopping at the warming house for a snack? Here is a great list of pocket-sized ski snacks to bring along for the day.

Little Girl Crying6. Quench the Thirst

Along with keeping the tummies from rumbling, make sure everyone is staying hydrated as well. Dehydration can lead to lethargy, drop in body temperature, and straight up grumpiness.

7. Lids on Kids

Let’s keep those noggins safe and participate in the Lids on Kids campaign. Make sure everyone has a properly fitting helmet to help avoid injuries. Here are some tips on how to find the right kids ski helmet.

8. Protect the Eyeballs

Everyone should be wearing some kind of eye protection. Ideally, that eyewear will be in the form of goggles but some young kids will refuse to wear goggles. Make sure they at least have sunglasses on. Light from the sun is projected off of the snow right onto our eyes, even if it’s not a bluebird day.

9. Prevent the Chill

Make sure to take any necessary warming house breaks before it’s too late. Once the cold reaches the bones, it can be very difficult to recover despite the hottest cup of hot cocoa. Prevention is the best defense against the cold.

10. Don’t be a Hero

Don’t expect your kids to make first chair and ski until the last chair of the day. Stop before they get too tired. You don’t want a bad taste left in their mouth regarding skiing because they were dragged around the mountain beyond their energy levels.

Girl Sleeping

What are some of your tips for keeping kids happy on the hills?



Bailey was born and raised in a small Colorado mountain town called Crested Butte. This is where her love for the outdoors started. She has now found herself in Denver, CO where the mountains aren't too far away. When she's not hiking, camping or skiing in the mountains she enjoys volunteering, going to sporting events (Go Broncos and Avs!) and making friends with any animal she comes across.

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