Outdoor Playgroups

School for most kids is just about over, and that means summer vacation is about to start. Keeping kids active and off the couch during these months can be tricky, but a rising trend in outdoor play is poised to make things a lot easier. Enter the outdoor playgroup. Similar to the typical playgroups organized by parents and groups throughout the country, these gatherings bring friends, family, neighbors, or even complete strangers together to socialize, enjoy the outdoors and most importantly, play!

There is virtually no end to the benefits of being involved with one of these gatherings. It can be a great way to meet neighbors or other parents in your area with children who may be close in age to your own. Anytime you can get the kids outside and playing with other children is going to be a plus, and scheduling the dates and times of the playgroups can help you make the most out of summer. Having different areas and people to play with on different days is a great way to branch out from that go-to playground you always end up at.

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Outdoor playgroups are popping up all over the country, with most major cities having some form of organization already in place. Look for flyers, online, or even ads in local publications for potential leads. Having trouble finding a local group? Start your own playgroup with a few friends and get the ball rolling. Below are a few links to some great websites with tons of information on everything from tips on starting and setting up your own playgroup, to online directories and forums for contacting other parents about joining existing groups. Don’t forget to check out the sunscreen on WinterKids.com to keep you and yours protected during all that outdoor fun.




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